Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Zoo Park

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is located amidst Kambalakonda Reserve Forest in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

This Zoological Park is named after The Former Prime Minister Of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It was declared open to the public on 19 May 1977. It covers an area of 625 acres (253 ha). It is situated in Visakhapatnam amidst the scenic Eastern Ghats of India. It is surrounded by Eastern Ghats on three sides and Bay of Bengal on the fourth side. Nearly eighty species of animals numbering to about eight hundred are present in the zoo. The Zoo Park has different sections for primates, carnivores, lesser carnivores, small mammals, reptiles, ungulates and birds caged in their natural ambiance.

The Zoo Park is about 8 kilometres from the Visakhapatnam railway station on the National Highway 16(India) near Madhurawada. It has two Entrance and Exit gates oppositely. One towards National Highway 16 (India) and the other towards Beach road at Sagarnagar. It is open to public on all days of the week except Monday.

How to Go


Nearly 7 Kms from Visakhapatnam Dwaraka Bus Complex and 8 Kms from Railway Station.

By Bus

Buses are avaialable from Dwaraka bus complex and Railway Station. City Bus nos. 222,999

By Auto

Autos are available from Dwaraka bus complex and on the National Highway 16.

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